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Enter The B2B Market [en]


I have been working with Gremon Systems, producing high-tech for growers producing tomatoes and cucumbers. Gremon System’s mission is creating decision support systems, which help clients exploit better their resources, leading to significant cost-saving and thus achieve higher profitability.

Gremon Systems thanks to good products and proper communication to the Polish market, received the award at the largest garden fairs in Poland TSW 2017 for the most innovative product. Later the same year, it was shown during the Innovators’ Congress, and the stand was visited by two prime ministers of Poland and Hungary.

The success of the company was achieved thanks to the perfect timing of the product Trutina and intensive B2B communication to Polish and foreign growers and consultants. 

When we started cooperation, this small Hungarian 12-person company faced the challenge of finding new clients outside of Hungary. Thanks to good close communication and trust, we have established cooperation in the distribution of products and services, initially on the Wielkopolska market, then whole Poland and north Europe. 

The natural stage of achieving great success on the Polish market was entering close markets: Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Norway.

Learn how to become a master of exploring new B2B markets.

Main agenda of the course

  1. LOCATE THE MARKET — Based on the best strategies and solutions build a database of your potential clients and locate key business partners.
  2. CLOSE B2B DEALS – Power your company with direct sales and business negotiations. After organizing meetings with decision-makers important for your product and company, successfully close deals. Your product solves the needs of your clients and your company generates cashflow. You can take the next step and develop even better products.
  3. DO IT ELEGANTLY – Thanks to the sense of aesthetics and broad knowledge of marketing, strengthen your business communication through elegant strategies that make an impact.